Northwest Quadrant Opportunity Fund, LLC

Min. Invest $25,000
Target Hold 60 mo
Annualized Returns 18%

Business Summary

Northwest Quadrant Opportunity Fund, LLC seeks to find excess investment returns - what is called Alpha in the field of finance. Excess Investment Returns (Alpha) are rates of return above the fair rate of return that would be predicted by risk models. The Fund will seek assets and asset classes that produce excess investment returns by looking for them in inefficient capital markets and other places where these assets can be found. The Fund intends to be a manager of investment managers that specialize in each of the asset classes in which the Fund seeks to invest. The Fund will seek investment managers that, in the Fund’s opinion, manage these assetsand asset classes extremely well. The Fund may also invest in individual assets.

The Fund is a boutique investment firm that seeks to find unique, opportunistic investments. Our investment reach is extensive: we invest in multiple asset classes; in multiple asset class managers who are experienced in their fields and who have demonstrated track records; and because we are investing in multiple asset classes and with multiple managers that have portfolios with many assets, we expect to be a very diversified fund. We know and are actively involved with the managers of our investments. These are not just passive investments.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount:
80/20 Waterfall Participation
60 Months $5,000,000



Annualized Yield

Tier 1 ( $0.00 - $0.00 ) 18%



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